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Thread: Should I buy another domain name?

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    Should I buy another domain name?

    I have a domain registered but it isn't connected to my server. My server is hosted with iPage and my domain name is registered with 1&1.co.uk, I've asked if I could move over my domain name to iPage but it says that I have at least signed up the domain name for a month, so now I have to wait three weeks to get the domain name switched over.

    What I was going to do as I don't want to waste that time is sign up another domain name but similar to the other one, I could then use that for SEO purposes redirecting them from one of my domains to the other. Do you think that's a good idea or should I just wait for my original domain name to be transfered over?

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    There's no need to move the domain registration over to iPage, unless you're not happy with 1&1's service. Many, if not most, domains on the internet are not registered at the same place as the web site is hosted. At the domain registrar, you set the name servers to point to wherever the site is hosted. So contact 1&1 and let them know you want the domain pointed to your hosting at iPage and they should be able to help you get it done.

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    Really it's up to you and how much you like your current domain name compared to the similar one you want to purchase. Just like 'tracknut' said not everyone uses the same company for domains and hosting. If it was me I would just point the domain to my server and call it good for awhile and later on transfer it. Either way your not really wasting time or screwing anything up.

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