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Thread: Is there any other section important than meta data optimization?

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    Is there any other section important than meta data optimization?

    I have checked my competitor website.Most of website does not optimize the meta data(title,keywords,description) segment as perfect.Then how it being the 1st page of Search Engine?Is there any other section important than meta data optimization?
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    Meta tags are very important since the keywords are used in it.Check out their domain age and their backlinks .They might have an old domain age and also few high quality backlinks.
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    domain age & backlink is important.
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    Content is the most priority thing for any search engine while ranking a site. And of course, backlinks also one of the most important factors considered by search engines to rank on top.
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    It is always interesting to see posts like this one by the original poster. The answers provided are good in that content is often the primary ranking factor. There is a large number of factors that impact ranking as well that range from structure of page, number of links, content to noise ratio, etc.

    What is interesting about the first post, however, is that it is a very basic SEO question, which implies that the OP doesn't know SEO. This is not unusual on a site like this, except that the OP then includes a large number of web site design links in their signature. This begs the question:

    Who would want to use a web site design company that can't get their own site to rank and that doesn't know basic SEO?

    Makes you kind of go "hmmm.....?"

    I think this type of post ends up being counter productive to the unspoken objective.

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