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Thread: Why Blog and Article Sites Still useful for SEO..

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    Why Blog and Article Sites Still useful for SEO..

    In my words, Its generally not considered a valid technique, other than to get initial publicity. Submitting the same content to multiple sites if of limited value. Once you have the ball rolling, concentrate on creating a quality resource and user experience. Then build and engage with the audience.. If anybody know clearly, So please update your opinion and knowledge about that..

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    Now search engine ranking depends on quality and useful content. If you are sharing complete details about your product and services using any ways such as Blog or article then it will help you to increase ranking. It is also important to optimize content with perfect title and exact keywords density.

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    As of I heard, Article submission is no more SEO friendly. And it does not get counted as a link building any more!
    Even i also dont know the exact reason why press releases and article submissions have been faded from SEO link building practices.

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    Article submission is no more SEO friendly its true. Press release has its own value in SEO till now but it should be so unique that it can be a better news for all.

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    As article websites like squidoo, articlebase and 2.0 blog websites like behance helps to increase traffic as they have good domain authority with people like to visit these websites and even if your website is not on good rank in search results can get traffic from these websites.

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