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Thread: Ten SEO Mistakes Made On Database Driven Websites...

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    Ten SEO Mistakes Made On Database Driven Websites...

    Search engine optimization companies actually spend a lot of their time analyzing a website and removing barriers to the search engines ranking a site highly. At the web development level, it is possible to build a site that is perfectly search engine friendly. One of the hardest types of sites to get right though are database driven websites. Listed below are ten of the most common issues that are created, often unknowingly, in the development process of a dynamically generated web site :

    1. Pages with duplicate content

    2. Pages with duplicate page titles

    3. Pages with duplicate meta descriptions

    4. Using auto-generation of pages as a shortcut instead of creating good content

    5. Creating pages that are hidden behind form submissions or javascript post-backs that cannot be accessed by a search engine crawler

    6. Too many query strings

    7. Putting query strings in different orders when accessed through different places

    8. Not using user language to generate automated pages

    9. Not allowing the meta data and title to be edited easily after the site build

    10. Creating keyword stuffed pages by using auto-generation

    These are just 10 of the most common potential optimization pitfalls when creating dynamic websites. There are many more facets to producing a great database driven site, including user friendliness, speed, performance and security, but they all add together to make the best solution to your needs...

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    That's great. Nice tips. By the way i have some doubt.
    Whether a website with infinite scrolling can be SEO friendly?
    Does it support for off-page link building practices?
    If so how is it possible?
    Any useful reply is appreciated

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    we can also say that these are the black hat technique to get the high rank in the SERP.

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    It is a nice explanation about the SEO mistakes.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Milpitas, CA
    Some of your points are really very great. Nice job done.
    TalentsFromIndia- Web Designing Company

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