I am working on a project trying to develop a scoreboard that does the following in PHP / Mysql.

4 Columns across the top

Name | Rank | Score 1 | Score 2 | Total Score

On the back end you enter in score 1 and score 2 for the associated name, then I need a system that:

1. Ranks all of the entries in Score 1 and Score 2, If 2 people Tie it would output T (Then the Place) but the catch is if 2 people Tie for 1st then the next rank would be for 3rd not for 2nd

2. Total Score column is the sum of the Scores from Score 1 and Score 2 and then the list is sorted by this column

3. The rank column is the place they are in based on the total score and again it would have to say T (Then the Place if 2 people are tied for 1st and the next person down would be in 3rd)

Can anyone help me wrap my head around this it would be greatly appreciated.