Hello to all,

I am new to the forum. I have come here to ask a question about UI development. Let me start by saying that I am not an IT professional. I am a website administrator trying to develop the skills necessary to run my site.

Here is my situation: I have four Flash game programs that were developed for me, not by me, for use online. I want to develop a downloadable version of the games to sell instead of having the buyer use the games on my website.

The games have XML files that need to be configured manually with player information prior to running the game program. I want to create GUI's for each game to allow buyers to fill in the necessary configuration settings. The GUI should write data entered by the user in text boxes and "on" / "off", "yes" / "no" options to the game XML config files.

I am considering the purchase of GUI Design Studio to create the user interface.

OK, here is my question: I do not understand how the GUI (presumably made with GUI Design Studio) interacts with the already existing game program. Does the GUI design software know how to connect and write the data that has been entered in the GUI, by the game user, to the XML files of the game program?

I'm struggling to describe this to you all in the most basic layman's terms because this is the level on which I need to comprehend what happens with this process before moving forward with a solution.

Can someone here describe what needs to happen to accomplish what I have described above? I will be happy to clarify any of the details if needed.

Thank you any help you can give.