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Thread: Getting PR for my site...

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    Getting PR for my site...

    Page rank is depending on your website traffic,Inbound & outbound links and performance.Update the page rank to website would get some times.So just concentrate to increase your website traffic,backlinks and quaity,then automatically you website would get good page rank... if anybody know some value meaning about that pls share your exprience...

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    Yes, improving traffic to the website is quite a tedious task as compared to increase PR like you can get PR juice by leaving the link but for traffic one have to do some important activities like guest blogging, articles and many more.

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    To get the best page rank to website,we should improve the performance and quality of website and also increase the amount of inbound and outbound links of our website.

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    To get a good PR of a website we have concentrate over both on-page and off-page link building. over on-page we have to check whether the page contains a quality and unique content, a good optimized URL, image alt tag, page should not contains flash and frames etc.
    and for off-page we have to concentrate over proper link building.

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