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    Question Photoshop Website Design

    I am new to website design. So far I have made websites in Joomla but wanted to do something more to learn code - so I took beginners HTML and CSS and PhotoshopCS6. I am now wondering what the benefits are in making a webdesign in Photoshop as it seems to be difficult to then convert that to a real site using HTML and CSS. My initial thoughts are that PS should be used to manipulate pictures and then they should be brought into your HTML/css design. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure where to go from here.

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    As a tutor, I gag at some Graphics Design professors who do anything and everything to avoid HTML and CSS in courses supposedly devoted to teaching basic Web page/site principals.

    Slicing a Photoshop or Illustrator image creates a filled <TABLE>. And <TABLE>s are a no-NO for web layouts. The fact that the <TABLE> cells are filled with content, means the whole layout will fall apart if you try to add or modify any content. To top it off, the students don't even learn how to format <TABLE>s.

    Some other Graphic Design professors use InDesign and/or get carried away with Email Blasts -- while ignoring the basics of HTML structure and CSS formatting.
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