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Thread: which is best learn php or asp.net?

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    which is best learn php or asp.net?


    which is best learn php or asp.net?

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    Both are popular programming language today. You have decide go with either one. Personally I suggest .net.

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    Depends on what type of work you want to do and who for. PHP is in very wide use on all sorts of web sites/applications. .NET is very popular with Fortune 500 type companies, along with JAVA/JSP. That being said, if you choose to go the .NET route, I'd learn C# instead of ASP, myself. (Personally, I'm doing pretty well working with PHP. )
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    If you are familiar with C,C++ then I would like to suggest to prefer PHP. It is quite really helpful to develop the web application. You can have a lot of function or features in the web application using PHP. It is easy to learn as I prefer.

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