As a sub-project, my company is creating a Minecraft network based around science, engineering and mathematics.
We have a website, and are going to have each server in our network running on a subdomain, along with our forums, so I was just wondering, how would I go abouts creating a webpage which would have a graphical background, logo, and graphical buttons linking to all of the subdomains, forums, and contact us area?

Could someone possibly either give me a code template that I could edit, or some kind of website that can generate this for me.
Alternatively, it would be great if someone could add me on Skype and set this up for me. Bare in mind that this will need to be updated as we get more servers! If we could also get some kind of news thing going on, that would be awesome.

If anyone would consider becoming our website developer (for the Minecraft network) free of charge, than we would be very much grateful!

My skype username is OfficialProfEnder.

Many thanks,