I have a Javascript function call on a link which pops open a ui dialog confirmation box and on confirmation uses ajax to delete a row in the database. This all works fine.

However, I am questioning how to also code in some sort of php confirmation box IF javascript is turned off?

I have this link
 <a href="#" onclick="delete_row('districts', '''. $district_id . "', 'district_id')">Delete</a>
Then of course the js function which opens the dialog box and sends to ajax if delete is confirmed
	function delete_row (db_table, id, field) {

		$( "#dialog-confirm" ).dialog({
			  resizable: false,
			  width: 400,
			  modal: true,
			  buttons: {
				"Delete": function() {
						var parm_vals = 'table:'+db_table+',id:'+id+',field:'+field;
						var datastring = 'func=delete_row&parms='+parm_vals;
				 		/*call to ajax to delete the row*/
						 type: 'POST',
						 url : 'resources/ajax/ajax.php',	
						 data: datastring,
						 success : function(){

				Cancel: function() {
				  $( this ).dialog( "close" );
The above code all works fine when using javascript and ajax.

My questions are.....

1) How do I code the delete link to go to the ajax.php page IF javascript is not turned on


2) How do I get PHP to open the dialog box for confirmation?

Thanks in advance for clarity on this.