I have problem with merging columns in the word.application after table create.
I would like to see my table like this:

| cell1 | cell2 | cell3 |
| c e l l 4 |

My code looks like this:

var MyWordApplication = new ActiveXObject("Word.Application");
var offerdoc = MyWordApplication.Documents.Add();

var tbl = offerdoc.Tables.Add(MyWordApplication.Selection.Range,2,3);

var cCell1 = tbl.Cell(1,1).range;
var cCell2 = tbl.Cell(1,2).range;
var cCell2 = tbl.Cell(1,3).range;

var cRow2 = tbl.rows(2).range;

I've tried a lot of combination, but still no effect.
My real target is write text after the table, but create secon row, and merge all 3 cells is also good for me.

Could somebody help me with this topic?