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Thread: preg_match problem need solution?

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    preg_match problem need solution?

    I have problem with my preg_match function it seems it always returns true no matter what's in the input form? it suppose to just return true when the value has junkies in it.

    this is part of the code, the echo in thisCheckerNum always display 1, even when $_POST['number2'] has nothing in it... , and because of that it will always go to "die("Error: passwordOld contains invalid characters!");", I need to know why..

    PHP Code:
    function thisCheckerNum($str)
    $var preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9]*$/'$str);

        if (isset(
    $_POST['number1']) && isset($_POST['number2'])) {
    $passwordOld $_POST['number2'];
    $passwordOld2 $_POST['number3'];
    $passwordNew $_POST['number4'];
    $passwordNew2 $_POST['number5'];
    $sql "SELECT * FROM users WHERE email='$email' AND password='$passwordOld'";
    $query mysql_query($sql);

    /* filter vals*/
    $passwordOld mysql_real_escape_string(html_entity_decode(htmlentities($passwordOld)));
    $passwordOld2 mysql_real_escape_string(html_entity_decode(htmlentities($passwordOld2)));
    $passwordNew mysql_real_escape_string(html_entity_decode(htmlentities($passwordNew)));
    $passwordNew2 mysql_real_escape_string(html_entity_decode(htmlentities($passwordNew2)));
            This counts how many records match our query
    echo $email."<br \>".$passwordOld."<br \>".$passwordOld2."<br \>".$passwordNew."<br \>".$passwordNew2."<br \>";
    //Die if account contains non-alphanumeric characters
    if(thisCheckerNum($passwordOld) == 1)
    "Error: passwordOld contains invalid characters!");
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