Hi guys, I just started learning JavaScript not too long ago. I'm a newbie taking an online class, but I'm stuck on a question for an assignment. If anyone could give me some tips or pointers (not necessarily the actual answer), that would be great. Thanks!

Describe what the following program does:

var width = 10;
var height = 10;
var maxWidth = 100;
var maxHeight = 150;
var color = "blue";
for (var i = 0; i < 10; i++) {
width = width + 10;
height = height + 15;
if (i >= 5) {
color = "red";

I'm still a beginner at JS, and I just recently learned about "for" and "while" loops. I guess this question is basically asking what would happen once this script is executed. I tried to embed this in <script> tags within a HTML file to test it out and got nothing. I suppose I need to maybe place the code in a function and call it out so the script would run. But I tried doing that and nothing happened. Am I missing something? What would I need to do because I'm confused.