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Thread: Anyone with experience cleaning up after SEONext or DigitalNext?

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    Question Anyone with experience cleaning up after SEONext or DigitalNext?

    I have a new client that had an ecommerce site built by SEONext. They have since changed their name to DigitalNext. This is the most cumbersome installation of Wordpress I have ever seen. First they haven't been PCI Compliant since they launched. This company convinced my client that he needed a VPS to be PCI Compliant. They removed the Wordpress log in screen so that it would be PCI Complaint.
    So far this is what I have done to move the site to our hosting company.
    • copied all the files
    • exported the database
    • set up a new account with our hosting provider
    • clean install of WP
    • imported the database
    • uploaded all files from the previous company
    • disabled all plugin's (via php myadmin)
    • Updated the site URL to the temp url (via php myadmin)

    I have tried to clean up all the files, but when i try to access the site with the temporary domain i get an error page.

    Any suggestions?

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    See if there is database created in your mysql database

    Remove it as well.

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