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Thread: Major role of Robots.txt file in a website

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    Major role of Robots.txt file in a website

    Robots. text file is considered as a useful convention to prevent cooperating web robots and web crawlers from accessing all or part of a website or its content for which we donít want to be crawled and indexed but publicly viewable. It is also employed by search engines to archive and categorize website and to generate a rule of no follow regarding some particular areas of our websites.. pls share your experience..

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    If we adding the particular and major URL in robots.txt file,Google does not crawl that particular URL of our website.That is the main role of robots.txt file.

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    In robots.txt file we put those links which we want should not be crawled and indexed by the Google but we want to be viewable by the users.

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    If you want to create a website with responsive design and seo services then you can get many website design company on the net. But you have to ensure before creating your site to provide them this responsibilities. They help you to create robots.txt file and indexing your site on google.

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