Title: When I try to click and launch some of the links set to open in new window, it is being treated as a pop-up window under chrome.

Hi all,

For the past few days, we are facing issue with the chrome browser behavior. This is related to opening links set to open in new tab/window. The details are as follow:

I have a collection of links and each link points to different resource to be opened in a new tab/window. The code is as follow:

<a class="cssClass" rid="1114931" href="http://www.domain.com/resources/abc.html" title="Link1" tabindex="4">Link 1</a>

And there are few checks/filters over accessing the resources which have been implemented as onClick handler over the links. In case any of the validations fails, the onClick handler returns false and the default behavior of the link does not happens i.e. links does not get open.

One of such (last) checks includes AJAX call in sync mode. The code is as follow:


var link_clickHandler = function(evt/* Event */) {
var objTarget = jQuery(evt.target);

if(check1) {
return false;
else if(check2) {
return false;
else if(check3) {
var blnRetVal = false;

jQuery.ajax( {
"async" : false,
"type" : "GET",
"contentType" : "application/json; charset=utf-8",
"url" : "index.php",
"data" : 'resourceid=' + intResourceId,
"dataType" : "json",
"forceData" : true,
"success" : function(data) {
if(check1) {
blnRetVal = true;
"error" : function(error) {
} );

return blnRetVal;

jQuery("a.cssClass").live("click", link_clickHandler);

ISSUE: The issue is that Chrome is behaving very weirdly manner. In case all of the checks are passed and onClick handler returns true, sometimes the resource get opened in a new tab/window and sometimes it get opened as a pop-up (which should not be). Tried to capture any pattern but could not succeed.

Any solution or even helping in understanding behavior would be really appreciated.

Thanks & Regards,
Test Developer.