I am a Junior Web Developer. I have been trying to find an either a remote or local job here in UK. I have done a lot of applications but they do not take me seriously. I tried to figure out what the problem is and I think my Computer engineering degree along with my MSc Network Administration & Management is really disturbing. You might already said: indeed mate, why do you describe yourself as a web developer. Well, I have a fair experience in OOP (Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP). Also I worked a lot with front-end for designing jquery animations, css3 style sheets and html5. I have a very good understanding of Javascript, coffeescript, node.JS and backbone. That's not all but I am not writing my resume here. I am mentioning all these because I need an advice.

So far I thought of removing the Masters degree from my CV and making some sample designs for my portfolio using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. However I am not motivated to just create some designs. Everyone has designs.

What I am after is creating or "doing" something else that will make me stand out. What can I do right now that is important for getting someone's attetion to hire me? Any advice/help is greatly appreciated.