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Thread: Sharepoint to HTML help using javascript

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    Sharepoint to HTML help using javascript

    My boss asked me if there is a way to pull information from a sharepoint list and put it on an external web site. She is also wanting to know if we can make it perform a look up such as if you pick a state then it would populate a dropdown box with the cities that are associated with that state from the last drop down box. If this is possible if you could send me a link to a page that shows me how to do this or provide code, that would be great. Even if you could provide a way to look up through a search. I am hoping it can be done through java script. The list on sharepoint will have the state listed multiple times while the cities for each state will be next to it.

    Thank you for any help with this!

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    See for example this page : Changing select element on the fly for the principles.
    Then there is many possibilities to load lists : javascript files, Ajax ot PHP...
    An example in France with 36 685 cities ...

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    This list would be coming from sharepoint 2010 to a external web page not located on a server

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