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Thread: Way of Increase Traffic

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    Classified posting can draw lots of traffic to your URL if done properly.

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    One of the best ways to increase your traffic is to determine where your targeted traffic hangs out and on what month are they most active. In this way, you can drive traffic not only in a quantity basis but also quality.

    One good platform is social media. It is one of the most common places where you can find your potential target audience.

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    Thanks to all friends for sharing the best information about increase traffic on website. We can increase our website traffic by the help of social networking site.

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    Traffic is the most important for any website, if a website is getting good traffic then it also helps in getting more customer or business. Because Nowadays, Entrepreneurs and business owners dream about trends Online and reaching out to millions of web users but making it happen is nothing less than a challenge. The very first issue that a business owner comes across is exactly where to start from.There are two methods of generating the traffic on a website free or paid online promotion medium.I am sharing a blog post having the information about both methods of generating traffic.I suggest you must read this post for getting clear idea about generating traffic on your website.

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    My site gets a fair amount of traffic but very little comes from social media. I have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Google+ page.

    Most of my customers are gained by word of mouth which at one time was the only social media.

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    social media sites are best way to increase traffic of your site like

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    I found a few useful articles on Javascript Codes which provides tutorials on how to increase traffic. Hope that helps!

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    1. Incorporate social influencers into your blog posts (where relevant).
    2. Add a link to your latest article in your Twitter bio and ask for retweets.
    3. Send your article out in a blast email or newsletter to your contacts.
    4. Add a link into your email signature inviting people to read your latest blog post.
    5. Send your blog post to relevant people/organizations/blogs that would be interested in reading it and sharing it with their networks.
    6. Send your blog post out to any person or entity mentioned.
    7. Share your article on other social networks.
    8. Share your article on social bookmarking sites.
    9. Tweet your post multiple times, with different teaser quotes.
    10. Leverage Google Authorship.
    11. Utilize LinkedIn groups.
    12. Include visual content and videos.
    13. Make your blog SEO friendly.

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    Social media sites are best way to get lot of traffic to your site

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    Doing guest posting and engage in social networking sites would help in increasing traffic.....

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    Way to increase traffic

    Post free, quality and fresh contain on your site
    Try to get more back links for your site, which will improve traffic on your site
    Place you keywords in top of SERP
    Use Social Media site
    Be patience because Google take lots of time to crawl the links
    Use free networking site for promotion like stumble. myspace, facebook, tweeter etc.

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    For increasing traffic to your website it is very important that your website design should be attractive as well as social media sites are also very helpful to generate traffic to your website. You should develop your website from a skilled web development in company London.

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    there are so many activities to do for SEO. But you have to consider search engines policies first. As per the current scenario the unique content with Forum posting, Classified posting and local business listing are three major priorities.

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    Do proper onpage optimization after that off page optimization
    Onpage optimization essential for target appropriate keywords, and off-page optimization essential for visitors flow to any website.
    Use SEO and SMO for increasing traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpkarthik View Post
    Method to increase the traffic:
    *Classified posting and article posting
    *Landing page optimization
    *Forum posting
    *Blog creation and Promotion
    *Social media promotion
    You can add Guest Posting
    Blog Commenting
    Social Bookmarking.

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