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Thread: About Backlinks

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    Backlinks are also called as inbound links and incoming links.It means the links coming from other websites to your website.Build quality backlinks are very important in Search Engine Optimization to get the good result in website keyword ranking.High page rank websites and Do follow websites are the best choice for build quality backlinks.

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    Link building is building backlinks to your web page from other blogs or websites. Search engines are deeply interested in the number and quality of links over the internet that point back to your web page.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebDesignPhx View Post
    This is a great question. I believe since the last update spamy keyword heavy links can be bad for your SEO. This is what I have read anyway...

    Does anyone know?
    As far as I know, partly of this strategy is acceptable, but with the latest
    update, you must use keywords with variations, you must also use long tail keywords.

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    Backlink are most important for seo. But create the quality backlink and relevance of website.

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    Back Links are an important part of SOE and getting good Page ranks too, but don't accept link exchanges from anybody. I take a bit of pride in my links page and make it a good one to get onto.
    I get a lot of proposals different sites, when I go to check what they have to offer on thiers I often find an obscure page that has hundreds of links on it, all this from sites with Google Page rankings of 2 or less, always do a check on them here to see you are getting a FAIR exchange.... http://www.prchecker.info/check_page_rank.php
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    Backlinks are important to increase site visibility, link popularity and ranking of the targeted website.

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    HI there,

    Backlinks sure every thing for enhancing the ranking of any site in SERP.

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