User should be able to:
add any number of ice cream cones to the order
remove ice cream cones
change the type of cone
add and remove scoops of ice cream to each cone
change the flavor of any scoop
see total cost of the order (prices are listed below)
see the updated total cost immediately after making a change

Use only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (no server-side technologies).
Third-party libraries or frameworks may be used, but make sure to include them with your submission.
Solution must run from a single HTML page (you may include JavaScript and CSS as separate files).
Solution must work in the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (don't worry about old browsers).
The user interface/layout is up to you. The UI should be easy to use, but does not need to be a highly polished product.

Cone type Price
Cup $0.50
Cone $0.75
Waffle Cone $1.00

Ice Cream Flavor Price per scoop
Vanilla $1.00
Chocolate $1.10
Strawberry $1.15