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    I know I made a previous post, on this, but I hasn't been working correctly.

    I want to run a function (weatherForecast_Update) one hour after the given time (forecast_loaded). I am getting the correct time in weatherForecast_Update_time in milliseconds*, but the timeout runs continuously. MomentJS is working perfectly, and if the corrected code could use it, that would be great.

    So I have this code:
    var forecast_loaded = "2013-11-14T19:31:39-06:00";
    moment_now = moment(new Date());
    moment_forecastloaded_add1h = moment(forecast_loaded).add('h', 1);
    var weatherForecast_Update_time = moment_forecastloaded_add1h.valueOf() - moment_now.valueOf();
    if (moment_weatherForecast_Update_time > 0) {
         //setTimeout(weatherForecast_Update(), weatherForecast_Update_time);
    I commented out the setTimeout because it will run too often and freeze up your browser (when testing it). It gives a "stack size exceeded" error.

    Thanks for any help! (great forum )

    *Note: You can easily convert time and other units with Google by typing Xms in min where X is the time, ms is the current unit (in this case milliseconds) and min is the target unit (in this case minutes). The answer will even pop up in the suggestions!
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