I have a feeling the solution is simple. I've been trying for hours without luck so I need a new set of eyes to help with this. The url is: www.devsite7.us/Goldilocks/

It is a boilerplate I'm making for myself using the Goldilock Framework. I added a responsive navigation to this and everything works except for one thing. You will need to resize your browser to less than 680px to see the small "Menu" tab in the upper right corner. When you click on the tab it should take you to the bottom of the page (except it does not). On the browsers I've tested this on it appears as if something is stopping the browser from scrolling down to the bottom of the page (I can't figure out what that could be). The links on the bottom of the page will take you back to the top, but the button on top won't take you to the bottom

(line 83)<a href="#bottom_nav" class="to_nav">Menu</a> should take the user to this (line 128)<nav id="bottom_nav"> but it does not.

Any suggestions?