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Thread: How to use Javascript click()

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    How to use Javascript click()

    Hello all,
    Request help with my scripts

    I want to click button Comment with javascripts , any suggestion do to that

    I am trying to use this scripts but not working. any help please...

    myInputs = document.getElementsByClassName("uiLinkButton comment_link").click();

    <label class="uiLinkButton comment_link" >
    <input type="button" value="Comment" onclick="return my_click(this);">

    <label class="uiLinkButton link_link" >
    <input type="button" value="url_link">

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    You can't grab the element you need by:

    myInputs = document.getElementsByClassName("uiLinkButton comment_link").click();

    You would have to either...

    myInputs = document.getElementsByClassName("uiLinkButton").click(); or
    myInputs = document.getElementsByClassName("comment_link").click();

    and some points you need to consider...

    1. getElementsByClassName is not supported in all browsers, older browsers need a bit of javascript to do the grabbing of class elements
    2. getElementsByClassName returns an array
    3. you can only click one element at a time!
    4. points 2 & 3 are clues as to the other problem that you will have...
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