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Thread: Please review 4nf.org

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    Please review 4nf.org

    Hello all,

    please have a look at this website:


    which has been criticised elsewhere for its navigation and other things.

    I'm quite new to web-development coming from a traditional software development background.
    Would like to apologise in advance if it's not very enjoyable to surf it in its current state.

    The website is supposed to serve as a live example for the jQuery plugin, which is the main product.
    So to cut a long story short, I'm happy with the functionality of the core product ("Ajaxify"), but am aware that I desperately have to improve my web-design skills.

    Thanks for your time and effort - maybe give us a hint in one or two lines, what can be improved without saying good-bye to Wordpress altogether, which is hardly the culprit...
    http://4nf.org/ - Ajaxify jQuery plugin

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    Looks fairly good to me, all I could suggest is making the menu links stand out more.
    Good job.

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    Thanks very much for having a look and the positive feedback!

    Yes, that's what was criticised at reddit.com, too.

    I'm thinking of overriding the default style sheet selectively in the child theme to enable a hover effect on the navigational links, maybe the sidebar links, too...

    I could additionally make "Ajaxify" enlarge any link that has experienced a "hoverIntent"

    Beside that, I have to try to make the "You might also like..." widget cooperative with "Ajaxify".
    There are hooks in Ajaxify for enabling this, but the third party JS has to support AJAX - I will try that out asap.

    Thanks very much again!
    http://4nf.org/ - Ajaxify jQuery plugin

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