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Thread: What does 'action' mean in a URL?

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    What does 'action' mean in a URL?


    Posted this in another forum, still awaiting reply so thought of posting here as well. I notice there are some URLs that go like this "//..../.../calendar.action". My question why does the URL end with 'action' instead of a html or jsp? What exactly does 'action' mean? Hope someone can advise. Thank you.

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    Need some more informations.

    Thank you.

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    URL's do not need to end with a common file name extension. In this case, it looks like the webmaster simply used a '.' to separate the words in his file name. Whatever the reason, it doesn't have any special significance.
    Rick Trethewey
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    It uses the current URL with an empty query string as the action of the form. An empty query string.Meaning no query string at all.
    The query string will be no more. It will not be used. It will be gone. There will be no more query string after submitting the form. The query string will have vanished. Disappeared.
    Hope this helps.
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