Im using simpleCard.js with a payfast payment system. Payfast(South Africa) used paypal as a gateway to there paysystem.
On the simpleCard.js file they wrote a javascript file to take the final payment amount back to payfast but there are no shipping and nobody can help me to get the shipping working.
I searched the net and got another site with a simpleCart demo on. I used this demo (esempio-simplecart) on my site and everyting works fine except the payment. It goes to paypal and everthing is OK. I cannot get it to go to payfast using the script for paypal that payfast wrote.

What I need now is someone to look at the two simplecart.js script and change the one so that it will work with the simplecart.js file that came with the demo site.
I will have to Email the two simplecart.js files plus the script they wrote for payfast to someone who can help with the changes. They are to big to put on the forum.

Please if someone can help and can they email me at then I will send the files and the payfast script and the links to demo pages to them.

I would really appreciate some help for my knowledge of javacript is very very limited.

Thanking you in advance
Kees Meyer