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Thread: the correct way to store igbinary serialized data into mysql

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    the correct way to store igbinary serialized data into mysql

    Hello guys;

    I being braking my head for a few days already and I can't find the right way to receive igbinary serialized data from mysql, I've already try with blob tables and all other fields types, but nothing seems to work properly, the data is stored, but the problem comes when I try to receive that data from mysql and unserialize it, all I get is the following error:

    Warning: igbinary_unserialize_header: unsupported version: 1098019425, should be 1 or 2 in /var/www/html/file.php on line 72

    Any comments is well appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    igbinary_unserialize_header: unsupported version says that upgrading to the latest version in the repository worked, leading me to believe this is an unidentified bug.

    The other half identified data being unserialized that was either not originally serialized by igbinary or corrupt. Not being originally serialized by igbinary sounds plausible here because you didn't run in to this problem in test, but you are in production. Is it possible you are trying to unserialize sessions that your users started before you switched to igbinary?

    My suggestion for the next debugging step is to add some error handling somewhere to write the serialized strings that cause this error to a file somewhere. You can then test unserializing them yourself to figure out what the problem is.

    Hope this helps.
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