Hi Everybody,

This is my first post on this forum **so please bear with me as it’s a bit long winded but hopefully I can glean enough info from you guys to point me in the right direction.

I’m wanting to get back into learning web design (html & css) and… JavaScript?

I had a crack at it about 5yrs ago and learnt enough from the W3C tutorials to get some workable pages up and running. I already have some basic programming experience: Visual Basic, Filemaker, PIC programming etc. so I was ok on the syntax, logic and construct side of things but being from a ‘design & print’ background, one of the things I initially struggled with was the ‘fluid’ nature of web pages – ie. a ‘printed page’ is static, but a web page is ‘anarchy’!!!

Anyway, I got over it and started to delve more into css and learnt a bit of php as well. I was using FireFox (still am) as my main browser, which is W3C compliant? and got to the point of just using an html editor.

The final thing that really made me give it away was the browser issue. I mistakenly thought that if I followed the W3C standard, all would be good in the world… but I soon learnt that was not the case when my pages fell to bits!!! when viewing on IE and Safari etc. also compounded with the view that people could (and would) be able to produce web pages in other countries for a couple of $ a day?..... I ‘spat the dummy’ and gave it up.

Ok, so it’s all come full circle. If only I’d kept it up. There is very good opportunities for web developers here in Melbourne Oz.

So, where/how do I re-start?

  1. Should I focus on HTML5, CSS3
  2. Are there still the same browser incompatibilities
  3. What about Fonts (they can be embedded now?)
  4. What else should I be aware of?

Advice Appreciated.