Hi, I want to set up a website but I haven't coded for a while, it's been since last year that I was practicing Javascript on Codecademy. I want to make sure that I am confident that I can do the job and that I am not going to get a bad reputation for doing the job badly or getting stuck when I am building other people's websites.

I want to firstly set up my own website offering my services. But I want to be sure that I can am good at the languages I know first (XHTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript). I also need to learn how to design logos and is their anything else I need to learn? I don't want to rent a server yet because I still think I need a bit of practice building websites. I have built my own page offline before but it was junk, a basic XHTML and CSS Webpage, I hadn't applied any Javascript to it.

I really want to start this business up so I can get out of my crappy restaurant job at the moment. I am just a bit unsure of how it will work out.