hi all.

I have many clients to whom I want to give a control panel where they can upload mobile numbers and can send bulk sms. I have a third party sms service which provide me an http url which allows me to send sms. I run that url via cron job at a scheduled time to send sms. Everything works out perfect just I have some queries.

What I will do is I will create separate login for my each client. Once they log in they will upload their list of mobile numbers at will type their sms at will schedule it for sending.

For example I have 3 clients who upload 1000 mobile numbers each to send sms. They will be inserted into mobile table. Let's say each of them will schedule their sms to start at 5pm on same date. My scriptin cron file will check which are the sms scheduled for 5pm and will start the loop for those 3000 mobile numbers.

Now I want to know the best practice.

If I query the loop to run ascending obviously the one uploaded the numbers first will get his sms start sending first and if I do descending the one who upload in the end will get his sms sending first.

Should I pick the numbers randomly and set their status as 1 means they are picked and sent sms. This way all 3 clients numbers will start getting their sms.

Or is there any other proper way to do all these.

Any help in this regard will highly be appreciated.