Hi guys,

About 2 months ago a company in The Netherlands asked me to design a salespage for their new product. I'm almost done with the design, I already converted the design to HTML. But I'm pretty sure that there is still a lot to improve. I really want to make a good impression to this client because I know there is a lot more work to do.

What I had in mind when I started with the design:

- The first impression should give a short overview of the product
- There should be a CTA (Call To Action) above default
- Things should be clean
- Not too much text
- Guiding design with a step by step process
- Building trust with testimonials and trusted logos

LIVE PREVIEW: https://www.keywordmarketingpro.com/...rum-domination

I really appreciate if a few good designers can give me a few tips to improve my design and make it better!

Also open to better CSS solutions.

Thank you guys!