Hi, I have a form where user need to select a few staff as reviewer. Since I'm still new with javascript, I do not know how to do it.

The situation is user will see one drop down list and need to select a reviewer. Once selected, it will be displayed the name below it. later, another drop downlist will appear and user can select next reviewer. and its continue until the 3rd reviewer. User also can delete those reviewer they select earlier and new drop down list appear..

Is it complicated?? I can't thing any any simpler explanation.

PHP Code:
<form action="admin_assignStaff.php" name="selectStaff" id="selectStaff">
$sql4=oci_parse($conn,"SELECT staffID, COUNT(*) OVER (PARTITION BY subID) FROM submission JOIN evaluation USING (subID) WHERE subID='1'") or die(oci_error());
$sql5=oci_parse($conn,"SELECT * FROM staff WHERE staffID!='".$stfID."' AND staffID!='".$stfID2."'") or die(oci_error());
'<select name="evaluator" id="evaluator">';
'<option value=" "><---------- Choose Evaluator ---------->';
'<option value="'.$row5['STFNAME'].'">'.$row5['STFNAME'].'</option>';
'</select><br /><div id="staff">  </div>';
$sql3=oci_parse($stfID3,"SELECT stfname FROM staff WHERE staffID='".$stfID2."'") or die(oci_error());
I put one part of the form where user have to do the selection.

and this is what I have try myself.. It is so simple and of course, doesn't work.

HTML Code:
$(document).ready(function()) {
		var value = $(this).val();
Please help me..