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Thread: Responsive CSS for Samsung Galaxy tablet 2

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    Question Responsive CSS for Samsung Galaxy tablet 2

    I've recently created a webpage that works fine on computers and smartphones that I could test on. But when I sent it to my friend, she said her Samsung Galaxy tablet 2 showed the banner in the wrong place among other issues. In my CSS, I've made rules for these widths:
    max-width: 479px
    (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px)
    (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 995px)

    Can someone please help me understand where I'm going wrong? I couldn't find any site that would let me test for Tab 2, any help in this direction is also most welcome...


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    You have provided way too little info:

    1. Which size of Galaxy Tab 2 does she have (7 in or 10 in)?

    2. Which orientation does the problem arise (landscape or portrait)?

    3. What screen widths have you tested the site on?

    If the problem is specific to the Tab 2, which I doubt, then there is no substitute for testing on that platform. However, it is, I suspect nothing to do with the machine. Rather, it may be related to the display width. E.g. The 7 inch GT2 in portrait mode has a display width of 600 pixels, which is an unusual size.

    There are on-line emulators that do not mimic the idiosyncrasies of individual machines, but can show you the result of displaying a responsive site on specific screen widths. I'd suggest you find out which screen width the problem appears on, and run your site against one, or more, of the emulators at that width.

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    Thanks for the detailed reply. I have successfully tested on: iPhone 3+4 portrait/landscape, iPhone 5 portrait/lands., Android landscape(320px), iPad portrait/landsc., Kindle portrait/lands.

    My friend used Tab2 landscape, didn't ask her what inch it was. Sorry, I didn't even know Tab2 comes in 2 sizes (I don't use smartphones at all...)

    Instead this time, I've sent her a page that has the javascript code to find out the width. But then I've tested on almost all possible widths
    If it is 600px, then shouldn't it have been covered in the (min-width:480px) and (max-width: 767)

    Anyways, I'll post here what the JS code shows the width is. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if width is really the issue :/

    Thanks again, will get back to you when she gets time to test it again

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