Let me first explain that I am not a developer; rather I am a marketer and commerce director with CMS experience who has been roped into a development project for a small company. So, if this is a duh question with a duh answer, that is why.

I am working for a company that makes custom car floor mats that allow you to design your own mats in four steps -- you pick 1) the carpet color, 2) edging type/color, 3) optional heelpad shape/color, and 4) optional personalization (embroidered message, embroidered monogram, or a logo). You can see an explanation and breakdown of all the choices here: http://blog.ggbailey.com/design-your-mats-in-4-steps/

It's a really great product, top-quality, and the conversation rate is satisfactory for the price point. However, the complaint I hear most often, and the most common sense way I believe we could increase sales, is to have a configuration tool that would allow shoppers to actually see the mat they are designing as they pick the options. On a previous version of their website, they had something like this; a tool that would layer images related to each choice.

I feel like there might be a simple solution for this, but I don't know what what it is or where to look. I hope someone here might be able to offer some advice. Thanks in advance.