Not sure if this is the correct location for this post so please be gentle if it is not.

As the title states, I am seeking a technology partner to take over full technical responsibility for our company - this would include our .net application (a hands on, working knowledge is essential for success) as well as web site.

Ours is a very unique business application using SQLServer 2008 R via Hostway as part of Microsoft's BizSpark Program (we have been a part of the program for approximately 2 years).

The product is ready for role out and the initial responsibility would include discussing with the offshore team the knowledge transfer of the application.

We would prefer an onshore individual as responsiveness to client needs is a key factor as we look to establish our company and we have found this to be lacking with our original offshore development team.

The role offered would be as Chief Technology Officer and is an equity based position secured by formalized agreement.

I would be pleased to share details with serious, interested individuals or firms.