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Thread: How long does it take you to get a good amount of backlinks to your website?

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    How long does it take you to get a good amount of backlinks to your website?

    A lot of people think getting backlinks (aka incoming links) is the hardest part of SEO, that's why I've bought a book on it.

    Well, how long does it take you to get enough backlinks so that you are at the top on google? I've got competitors that have got more than 3,000 backlinks, how am I supposed to beat that? That'll take ages. They are not all completely original backlinks some are duplicated all over one website, they use their name at the bottom of the page for copyright so this gives them loads of backlinks.

    I'm running a web design company and have got to beat people that have thousands of backlinks. I'm wondering, how long it will take to do that? Doesn't it seem a much bit work to offer a free SEO when building someones website? I can imagine it's harder work than building the website.

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    Getting backlinks is not the perfect way for seo.For seo you must have genuine,quality backlinks.These backlinks must be coming from high Pagerank pages.

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    getting backlinks from high traffic site is best for your website
    creating good amount of backlinks will take some 5 to 6 months

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    Quantity of Backlinks is just a plus, focus on Quality, your backlinks must be the good ones, so that you won't be pulled down on rankings.
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    After the Google Updates, Backlinks is not only the factor that is considered to rank well in search engine results. In terms of building backlinks, you should be more focus on quality rather than quantity. 1 backlink of Page rank 3 is far much effective in terms of improving website's ranking in search engine results rather than 10 backlinks of 0-1 PR.

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