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Thread: html 5 mouse scroll page - HELP

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    html 5 mouse scroll page - HELP

    Ok first of gr8 site, next I got a question I've been commissioned to put together a site like this:


    I have no idea how to build it (at this point) and even worse I'm not sure what I should be googling to find info on putting it together.

    I'm not a complete noob I've been doing web for about 10yr now so its not my first time to the rodeo. So if I get a few good tuts and code views under my belt I'll be able to take it from there.

    But if you had any idea on what I should be looking up to find some tuts on this subject I'm all ears.



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    The site you mention uses many advanced HTML 5 techniques to produce the visual effects - and many of them have limited cross-browser compatibility. It's a combination of SVG and video, with some very nifty JavaScript behind it all.

    I'd suggest that you take it apart in small chunks. Find an effect you'd like to try and locate it within the source code. That should give you enough information to find a tutorial. But unless you're already experienced in these techniques, it's going to be quite a while before you could create any kind of replica.
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