Hi there,

Iím hoping this doesnít sound too complicated.

I have a website system which is for members, but it is all in different parts. Meaning members have to login 3 times in 3 different systems. I donít want members to login three times only once.

Iím looking for a system which includes the following:

CMS so the committee members can have administrator rights (or any other roles) to edit pages etc.
Members can add personal details
Making sure members have paid their fees and other pay method (Like http://www.activityforum.co.uk)
Emails system so members can email other members on the website (the email will pop up one their personalemail)
Advertise events and show if they can make it or not.
Forum Ė to have open discussions etc.
Booking slot system (like phpScheduleIt click here)

Anyone able to help me? I hope I havenít made this too complicated.