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Thread: If I develop my website before renting a server would I be able to move it over?

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    If I develop my website before renting a server would I be able to move it over?

    As I am not confident in coding just yet I want to develop my skills before renting the server.

    I am going to use XAMPP for server side languages and I am going to write client side languages on a basic notepad and then save them on my computer.

    If I am going to create the website now, do you think I will be able to move it over or would I have to start designing everything again? My links won't work, if I move them onto the server, a link directing the user to one page from another will be invalid as the location will change on the server wouldn't it? I have a linux based PC.

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    If links are relative (/my_folder/index.php) and not absolute (http://mysite.com/my_folder/index.php) they should work no matter where they are.

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    See for instance http://www.coffeecup.com/help/articl...ve-pathslinks/ or http://kb.iu.edu/data/abwp.html or http://webdesign.about.com/od/beginn.../aa040502a.htm.

    In creating a Web site you would most likely use "relative" paths that would not change because they are included in and relative to the site root folder. For instance, you want to be sure you do not reference assets of page links using file:/// protocol because the would be on your local computer drive.

    What is XAMPP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntnini View Post
    What is XAMPP?

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