Hello! I need to be able to type in the artist name then show the album from that artist from my fake database and have it display all the albums matching that artist. It should display the album name then a link for more info. Once you press the more info it needs to show the artist, price, descriptions and etc. If no albums are found then I need for it to display a no results found on the search results page.
Can someone help me with this? I just donít know what Iím doing!! The code I have is below. Thanks!

My Fake db:
	{id: 1, album: "Night Out", artist: "Joe Smith", price: 9.99, releaseDate: '10/20/2012', Quantity: 2, Tracklisting: ["Fun Fun" ,"Riding Horses", "Beach Night"]},
	{id: 2, album: "Party Tonight", artist: "Joe Smith", price: 10.99, releaseDate: '05/05/2010', Quantity: 8, Tracklisting: ["Running" ,"Girls", "Tonight"]},
	{id: 3, album: "Rock It", artist: "Pat Ben", price: 11.99, releaseDate: '05/20/2011', Quantity: 5, Tracklisting: ["Rock & Roll All Night" ,"Party Hard", "Late Night"]},
	{id: 4, album: "Rave Time", artist: "DJ Pop", price: 9.99, releaseDate: '11/09/2013', Quantity: 8, Tracklisting: ["Dance" ,"Club Mix", "Party & Dance"]},
My search HTML:
<form method="post" action="">
   <input name="textfield" type="text" class="colortext"  value=" Search entire store..." /></form>