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Thread: unique job role page

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    unique job role page


    Sorry to post again

    I have solved all the other issues I think on my admin page but got this one that am stuck on

    What should happen is a user clicks on a job and displays on a page of its own, it is getting the jobs from the database

    What is happening is on the job.php page I get this error

    Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Designer ORDER BY id desc LIMIT 1' at line 1

    Not sure on how to fix it really, I did look round on Google etc

    In the address bar it comes up with job.php?id=Web%20Designer

    So I think it is sort of working

    I have added a pastebin link below with the coding from the job.php page if it helps


    Thank you in advance


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    Find out what the actual query looks like:
    PHP Code:
    $result mysqli_query($con$query) or die("Error: ".mysqli_error($con)."\n$query"); 
    Then we can look for why it's generating a SQL syntax error.

    PS: You can just post your code here within [php] ... [/php] tags.
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    Paste the below query in your PHPMyAdmin :

    SELECT id, ref, role, division, location, salary, description FROM jobs WHERE division='IT' AND id = 'Web Designer' ORDER BY id desc LIMIT 1

    Remember that the number of affected rows and the length of the result set are two different things.

    Generally, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements affect rows, while SELECT returns a result set which may be empty if no rows were matched according to the condition.

    Hope this helps.
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