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Thread: question for web developer professionals

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    question for web developer professionals

    Hello. I would like to hear from web developers that make a living doing web development. What I am wondering about is what level of detail a web developer needs to know about computer hardware. Obviously the more you know, the better off you will be, but I don't want to spend valuable time learning about low level details of hardware if it is not necessary - especially since it does not interest me as much as building websites and web applications. Thank you.

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    You should get expertise in Web Development more than the knowledge of hardware. Programming language & coding education us necessary for web developers.

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    I believe there's not much needed to know about hardware.. well, if you talk about upgrading your pc to suit your developer's applications and software then you need it.. but overall, the main thing to learn are the programming languages.

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    The first thing that must be done is to plan everything first, educate yourself, what is niche?

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