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Thread: Easiest way to learn PHP...need ideas/suggestions!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nodnarbnap View Post
    Just to clarify, I have a four year degree and am currently working in the field as a web designer. I enrolled in a PHP course at my local college, but due to circumstances within the school itself, the class turned from a classroom setting to an online setting, which is completely against how I learn, I am not good at just teaching myself things from a text book or something like that, I like to be physically taught things so I can bounce questions off a professor or professional. That all said, I have removed myself from the class to save myself the $900 out of pocket, since I can teach myself from a book for free.
    try udemy.com You can learn visually thru videos and thru email or chat ask question of the teacher. However I agree with many of the above posters the best way to learn is by doing a hands on project.

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    I too find it easier to learn in a class where I can ask the instructor questions however since I can't always participate in a classroom I have developed a method that works for me. I will obtain several books on the subject by different authors. I use one as my main course plan and if I reach a point where I don't understand something, I will look up that subject in other the other books. When a different point of view is given, many times the subject becomes clear. For the last year I have been using online videos to learn PHP. There are many sources out there, I used John Morris on You Tube as a start. He has many free tutorials as well as a paid course on PHP and MySql. I then expanded my knowledge with courses from https://tutsplus.com/ . Most of their courses have sample code to go along with the videos. This is a paid site.

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