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Thread: "Error on Page" preloadImages

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    Unhappy "Error on Page" preloadImages

    I am getting a "error on page" message when I load a web page I am working on.

    I believe the error is being generated by the preloadimages command associated with my rollover buttons, but everything seems to load okay (once you ignore the error message).

    Can anyone help me figure out what the problem is?

    The page is www.jesuscult.org/index.htm

    Thanks in Advance!

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    You are calling a function MM_preloadImages() with the window.onload() handler but I don't see where you have defined MM_preloadImages(). Also I see that you have given thirteen or so instances of spacer.gif the name undefined_2.

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    Thumbs up Oops!


    Thanks so much for your help. You were completely right. I defined the preloadimages and the error message is now gone.

    I will also check into the other glitch you noticed.

    I REALLY appreciate your time!

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