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Thread: Matching platform for sellers & buyers

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    Matching platform for sellers & buyers

    For a small family business an e-commerce platform for matching buyers requests and sellers offers is required? Buyers should be able to publish their specific request for a product type. On the platform the sellers also document their offers for one or many product types. If there is a full or partial match on the demand and supply a workflow is triggered to either notify the seller or buyer about the match, based on customisable workflows per product type.

    The platform should allow defining a fixed structure (various attributes) for multiple product types (max. 10 different product types). Potential buyers and sellers use the same structure to document their needs (including mandatory and optional aspects) or offers. An offer can be published without a specific request and vice versa. If there is a match between one or many potential buyers and potential sellers a workflow is triggered (including accepting the proposal, mail notification) based on their subscription type.

    I found similar concepts in open source platforms for dating sites/matchmaking, however not for selling complex products and/or services. But I'm pretty sure there must be modules/extensions also for procurement platforms. However I spent several hours for research but I might using the wrong key words (business matching, matchmaking, two-sided market, procurement, tender)

    Our ideal platform would be adaptable, a mature and widely-used open source project with plenty of additional modules/extension available.

    Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for your comment and thoughts

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    I think what you are trying to build is similar to the Chinese *******.com.

    Take a look at Drupal or Joomla.

    You can pretty much built anything with them. There are a lot of extension and modules available for them. And yes, they are open source.

    Please bear in mind that open source does not equal free. So, some extension and modules have a price tag on them.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks firesnaker for your feedback!

    After another intense search I found a website which has implemented the concept we are looking for: http://www.findbuyers.com/

    Is there something similar in Drupal? Or in any open source platform?

    Thanks any hint

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