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Thread: Problem in displaying data in a table format

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    Problem in displaying data in a table format


    Good day!

    I have a problem in displaying of data from database in a table format.

    I attached my codes,

    fab_spv_reports.php where you can select OP Number to display the table that I got a problem on displaying.

    By choosing OP Number kindly type SR131127001 then press the arrow down key in the keyboard, then press Enter key.

    get_fab_spv_process_reject_list_search.php is the php code for displaying of table.

    Also I attached my database, sample screenshots and the design that I desired to display.

    I hope somebody can help me to display the data in a table format which I desired to display.

    Any help is highly appreciated and also feel free to ask me if you have question.

    Thank you so much.
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