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Thread: Is it realistic to integrate a CMS with an existing site?

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    Question Is it realistic to integrate a CMS with an existing site?

    I have a site that is up and running with about 15 static pages and a dynamic one that is the product page (that has as many versions as products we have in the site). I am using a master page.

    While I enjoy developing in asp.net, every textual change or if they want to add a page all has to go through me, which at times can be difficult.

    So he his asking me, is it feasable to implement a CMS on top of my existing site, to allow content managers the ability to add pages/make changes to the site without me.

    Thanks for your time and thoughts.

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    You could create a new Virtual Directory in IIS, mark it as an application, and then deploy your CMS app to that virtual directory?

    www.example.com/ <-- This serves static pages
    www.example.com/pages/ <-- The "pages" directory could be a Virtual Directory running a CMS application, so that all URLs in /pages/* are managed by the CMS.

    That would be the easiest way I can think of.

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    15 pages is nothing. I'd just create your template on a CMS and recreate the pages.
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    - That's obviously not always possible, as some things can only be done ... As far as I know, no existing system can do this without extensive modification. .

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    You can recreate all page & include all pages with masterpage.

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    Thanks for sharing such useful information.

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