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Thread: wordpress contact 7 form question - REQUIRED FIELD/validation

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    wordpress contact 7 form question - REQUIRED FIELD/validation

    I have a form that has working javascript function applied to width and length field that outputs totalcost .. I have these fields in a contact 7 form and it works great on my wordpress site only problem is I can't force it to be a "required field". When I change the format of the field [text* width and add javascript] the javascript doesn't work. Is there a way to add custom code to the plugin validation so I can keep it in <input > format so javascript works but force user to fill in or is there code I can add to the <input field> itself? I attempted adding * and this didn't work.

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    Click on Plugins

    Scroll down and find the plugin

    The third link on the right is edit

    You can change all the code here.. remember if you update the plugin there is a chance that your changes will be overwritten.

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    sorry not following your post? I know where to change the code.. when I change to contact format for validation [text* field name] I can force validation.. when I add javascript to this format my javascript no longer works.

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